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A residential hospice

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Dulcina Hospice is a 26-bed residential hospice located within St. Marguerite where our interdisciplinary team provides compassionate, end-of-life care in collaboration with the resident and his or her family.

Location & contact

110 Evanspark Manor NW
Calgary, Alberta  T3P 0N4

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Hospice care

What is hospice care?
Hospice care provides health care and other services to residents who are near the end of their lives. Its purpose is not to hasten or prolong death but to enhance the quality of the resident’s remaining life by providing peace and comfort.

How does Dulcina Hospice approach hospice care?
Dulcina Hospice provides holistic, personalized and compassionate care that celebrates life and addresses each resident’s physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. We believe each resident is special, sacred and deserves to be comforted and treated with dignity. Our care teams strive to make this difficult time manageable and meaningful for our residents and their loved ones by providing family-centred care whenever possible and enabling our residents to die with dignity.

How does my loved one get into Dulcina Hospice?
When your loved one can no longer stay at home, or when staying in a hospital is no longer necessary, your care provider might suggest hospice care as a more suitable alternative. At this point, your care provider will ask you to name at least three of your preferred hospices. As soon as a bed is available in any of the centres you have listed, you will be notified and arrangements will be made to transport your loved one to the centre.

Who will take care of my loved one at Dulcina Hospice?
Our team of hospice care professionals provides holistic care to each resident based on his or her unique needs while supporting the resident’s loved ones. Members of our care teams meet regularly to discuss resident and family concerns and ensure all needs are addressed.

For more details on our care teams, please see Your Hospice Care Team (PDF).

What can I expect when my loved one is dying?
During the last few days or weeks of life, you may see changes in your loved one. He or she may sleep longer, have less energy, eat less or withdraw from family and friends. To help you prepare for these changes, please see What to Expect When a Person is Dying (PDF).


Nutrition & accommodations

What are the rooms like?
Each resident has his or her own private room with basic furniture, a telephone, a mini-fridge and television. Each room also has a bulletin board and whiteboard for residents and families to write messages and post pictures and other special items.

Do I need to bring any furniture or other items?
We want our residents and their loved ones to feel comfortable while at Dulcina Hospice. We encourage you to bring items from home such as pillows, family photos, comforters, plants, decorations, clothing and toiletries. Having familiar items close at hand can help residents adjust more easily to their new environments and feel more at ease.

What kinds of meals will my loved one get?
Your loved one’s meals will be based on his or her care plan, nutritional needs and dietary preferences or restrictions. While breakfast, lunch and dinner are normally served at scheduled times, we can be flexible with your loved one’s meal schedule. We also have complimentary items such as juice, milk, coffee, tea, ginger ale, bread, peanut butter, jam, honey and ice cream available for residents.

We also welcome our residents and their loved ones to bring their favourite foods, which can be stored in the resident’s mini-fridge.

Are there laundry services on site?
Yes—we have laundry facilities for our residents and their loved ones to use for a small fee.


What can Dulcina Hospice do to ease my loved one’s physical pain and symptoms?
At Dulcina Hospice, our residents have the right to effective pain and symptom control, so we make every effort to ease suffering and distress. Our team views each resident individually when dealing with pain control, so we are sensitive to the resident’s cultural, religious and spiritual preferences. We also recognize that residents may wish to try alternate therapies such as massage and calming music, so we welcome residents and their loved ones to speak with our staff about their needs.

Does Dulcina Hospice offer any emotional support or counseling to my loved one?
We are committed to providing counseling to help our residents and their loved ones address their emotional needs. This could include helping them explore ethical questions, advance directives and organ donation, as well as coping with grief.

How can Dulcina Hospice meet my loved one’s spiritual needs?
As part of a Catholic organization, Dulcina Hospice welcomes and supports individuals of all faiths and backgrounds. This means we are committed to providing spiritual care to all our residents and their loved ones as they face the spiritual and emotional challenges that arise in hospice care. Dulcina Hospice has a chaplain to help residents and their families draw upon their spiritual and religious beliefs and practices. St. Marguerite Manor chapel is open 24 hours a day.

How can a chaplain help my loved one find peace and meaning?
Our chaplains can provide spiritual support and comfort to our residents and their families by facilitating spiritual reflection and religious observances. This could mean providing resources such as sacred scriptures or music, being available for confidential conversations as residents explore their feelings and questions and facilitating the involvement of the resident’s faith community and family.

How can Dulcina Hospice help me cope with the loss of my loved one?
Our team can help assess and understand the dynamics of family history and help facilitate goodbyes. We can provide referrals to bereavement groups and supports and will connect you with community resources that can help you on your journey.


When can I visit?
We understand that having friends and family nearby is often critical to our residents’ wellbeing, so family and friends are welcome at Dulcina Hospice 24 hours a day. Dulcina Hospice is a secure building, but family and friends can access it through a key pad at any time of the day or night.

Can pets visit too?
We welcome family pets as long as they don’t pose a threat to residents, visitors, or staff. We also ask that pets have up-to-date vaccinations and be supervised by someone other than the resident.

Can I stay with my loved one overnight?
To allow you to spend as much time with your loved one as possible, Dulcina Hospice has a guest suite available for family members and friends who wish to stay overnight on occasion during their loved one’s stay. The suites can be reserved at $40 per night and can be booked for a maximum of three nights in a row.

Is there parking?
Yes—free public parking is available at Dulcina Hospice. Please see the Map (PDF) for details.

Can I or my loved one smoke on Dulcina Hospice property?
Since Covenant Care centres are non-smoking environments, residents and visitors cannot smoke anywhere on the property. However, we do have options for residents who smoke that can keep them comfortable during their stays.

Can I visit my loved one outside of his/her room?
There are several common areas for residents and their families to gather at Dulcina Hospice. There is the St. Marguerite Manor Bistro on the building’s second floor, as well as a family lounge. The family lounge is equipped with a fridge, oven and play area for children and is available for families to gather for special occasions. 


How much does it cost for my loved one to stay at Dulcina Hospice?
Daily hospice accommodation costs are covered by Alberta Health and are not charged to residents or their families. However, depending on your loved one’s needs, there may be additional charges for items or services such as oxygen and medication.

What's in a name?

Dulcina Hospice is named after one of the four founding Sisters of Charity, Sister Maria Olivia Dulcina Beauchemin, who travelled from Montreal to Calgary in the late 1800s to open a hospital. Although the early years in Calgary were a time of hardship, her training allowed her to care for the most vulnerable patients with compassion and comfort as they faced their illnesses. Dulcina Hospice honours her pioneering spirit and service to those in need.

The name Dulcina represents kindness and gentleness—attributes that reflect that care and compassion needed to care for residents as they journey through end of life

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