Starting the Conversation


Starting the Conversation

The elephant in the room

Change is difficult for most people and many seniors or adults living with disabilities resist having this conversation, often because they feel they are being forced to make a decision to leave their homes and lose their independence. Many spouses and children avoid the conversation because they are afraid to envision the future or they may feel some guilt over having to bring up the topic.

It can be a difficult decision. If you are considering having a conversation with a family member about moving to a senior community or assisted living, it helps to be prepared.

Tips to Make it Easier

  1. Do your research ahead of time so you can answer questions and provide information about senior living, assisted living and independent living options.
  2. Involve all the decision makers and talk openly about the different options. Everyone should feel their concerns are heard.
  3. Timing is everything. Choose a time when everyone involved is feeling healthy and rested.
  4. Have someone at your side such as a trusted family physician, clergy member or family friend.
  5. Be sure to listen. It’s paramount you hear and understand everyone’s concerns and wishes.
  6. Don’t expect to make a decision after the first conversation. It takes time to absorb all the information and think about the different options. Several conversations may be needed to arrive at a decision.


Finding a new place to call home is a big decision, whether it’s one you are making for yourself or for a loved one. Our goal is to partner with family members to ensure the best home environment possible for their loved one living in one of our residences.

It’s important to the families of our residents to know we provide the appropriate care needed for every resident to live their life with dignity, respect and compassion. At Covenant Care, we believe adults should have the freedom to enjoy their lives and be engaged in the community. We are dedicated to meeting their social, spiritual, emotional and physical needs.

Our residents’ families can have peace of mind knowing we are committed to every aspect of their loved one’s care.