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What can Covenant Care Hospice do to ease my loved one’s physical pain and symptoms?
At Covenant Care Hospice, our residents have the right to effective pain and symptom control, so we make every effort to ease suffering and distress. Our team views each resident individually when dealing with pain control, so we are sensitive to the resident’s cultural, religious and spiritual preferences. We also recognize that residents may wish to try alternate therapies such as massage and calming music, so we welcome residents and their loved ones to speak with our staff about their needs.

Does Covenant Care Hospice offer any emotional support or counseling to my loved one?
We are committed to providing counseling to help our residents and their loved ones address their emotional needs. This could include helping them explore ethical questions, advance directives and organ donation, as well as coping with grief.

How can Covenant Care Hospice meet my loved one’s spiritual needs?
As part of a Catholic organization, Covenant Care Hospice welcomes and supports individuals of all faiths and backgrounds. This means we are committed to providing spiritual care to all our residents and their loved ones as they face the spiritual and emotional challenges that arise in hospice care. Covenant Care Hospice has a chaplain to help residents and their families draw upon their spiritual and religious beliefs and practices. Chapel is open 24 hours a day.

How can a chaplain help my loved one find peace and meaning?
Our chaplains can provide spiritual support and comfort to our residents and their families by facilitating spiritual reflection and religious observances. This could mean providing resources such as sacred scriptures or music, being available for confidential conversations as residents explore their feelings and questions and facilitating the involvement of the resident’s faith community and family.

How can Covenant Care Hospice help me cope with the loss of my loved one?
Our team can help assess and understand the dynamics of family history and help facilitate goodbyes. We can provide referrals to bereavement groups and supports and will connect you with community resources that can help you on your journey.

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