Where will my loved one get his or her medications?

Your loved one’s pharmaceutical needs will be provided by Covenant Pharmacy. The pharmacy will work very closely with residents, families and physicians to ensure their medications meet their needs. A clinical pharmacist will regularly visit the site to answer our residents’ questions.

Does my loved one have to use Covenant Pharmacy?

Your loved one is required to use Covenant Pharmacy if the site is providing medication assistance as part of your loved one’s care plan, for several reasons:

  1. Covenant Pharmacy uses the same medication packaging and delivery for each resident, which ensures safety
  2. Our pharmacists give regular consultations and medication reviews
  3. Covenant Pharmacy often has on-call pharmacists who are available during irregular hours

Do I have to pay for medications?

Alberta Blue Cross Seniors Plan and/or private insurers may cover the cost of your loved one’s medication, but he or she will be required to pay the amounts not covered by insurance.

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