COVID-19 Update


We are doing our very best to care for your loved ones through this pandemic, starting from a belief that caring for people is a privilege that starts with a spiritual purpose and desire to serve. We are making decisions based on the information and evidence available to us, adapting as necessary to create a safe environment for your loved ones and our teams. We are adhering to all protocols and directives issued by the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

We are shifting how we communicate to make it more timely and efficient. You can now scroll down to view a chart that lists all our centres and their current status. The table will be updated on Thursdays by 6 p.m. In the case of outbreaks, we will immediately update that information on the table and indicate how many residents and staff have tested positive. You will receive a phone call should your loved one be affected by an outbreak so we can talk the situation through and respond to your questions.

We have introduced a text messaging alert system where you can sign up to receive text alerts in outbreak situations. Click here to sign up for Text Message Alerts

Please continue to connect regularly with your loved ones in person, by phone or virtually through Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime. For everyone’s safety, in outbreak situations, we are required to significantly limit in-person visits. We will notify you when this is the case.

For in-person visits, please be aware that Covenant Care endorses the Public Health directives for safe visitation at continuing care sites. Protecting our residents continues to be a top priority and many measures will remain in place. However, entry screening will no longer be required of families, visitors, contractors, and volunteers.

In addition to the weekly update table, you can also access the following information:

  • Family updates which are sent by email are posted here for your easy reference
  • Frequent Asked Questions with responses to some questions we are asked often
  • Links to helpful information including the most recent COVID-19 information and the online screening tool

Please stay healthy and safe. Remember to wash your hands frequently with soap and water or using hand sanitizer, practice physical distancing, wear a mask whenever you are away from your home, and minimize contact with people outside of your home. Seniors continue to be among the most vulnerable and the most likely to experience severe symptoms should they become infected with the virus. Families, residents, and staff must work hand-in-hand, exercise caution, and practice diligence in following all public health guidelines to keep COVID-19 at bay.

Please direct questions to your Site Administrator or email

Page Last Updated: June 30, 2022

Residents and staff are deemed to be recovered when, 10 days following their positive test result, they are not experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 and are functioning at their expected capacity. 10 days following a positive test result is the minimum amount of time to ascertain recovery. It may take individuals longer than that to be symptom-free.

*Please refresh your browser to ensure the most up-to-date information is present*

Community Status Total

Total Residents


Chateau Vitaline Outbreak Prevention
Dulcina Hospice Outbreak Prevention
Foyer Lacombe Outbreak Prevention
Holy Cross Manor Under Investigation
Villa Marie Outbreak Prevention
St. Marg. Manor Outbreak Prevention
St. Teresa Place Under Investigation
Saint Thomas Outbreak Prevention

*Total number of positive cases since the outbreak declared at each site. ​

The Chief Medical Officer of Health has outlined three levels of COVID-19 outbreak:

  • Outbreak Prevention—No residents or staff showing any symptoms of COVID-19
  • Under Investigation— At least one resident or staff member who exhibit any of the symptoms of COVID-19
  • Confirmed—Any one individual (resident or staff) laboratory confirmed to have COVID-19

Resident & Family Memos:

June 30, 2022 – Villa Marie Outbreak Over

June 30, 2022 – St. Marguerite Manor Outbreak Over

June 8, 2022 – Villa Marie Confirmed Outbreak

June 8, 2022 – St. Marguerite Manor Confirmed Outbreak

May 31, 2022 – Saint Thomas Outbreak Over

May 26, 2022 – Villa Marie Outbreak Over

May 20, 2022 – St. Marguerite Outbreak Over

May 16, 2022 – Chateau Vitaline Outbreak Over

May 11, 2022 – St. Teresa Place Outbreak Over

May 10, 2022 – Saint Thomas Confirmed Outbreak

May 6, 2022 – St Teresa Place Outbreak Update

May 5, 2022 – St. Marguerite Manor Confirmed Outbreak

April 25, 2022 – St. Teresa Place Confirmed Outbreak

April 22, 2022 – Villa Marie Confirmed Outbreak – Updated

April 22, 2022 – Chateau Vitaline Confirmed Outbreak

April 21, 2022 – Villa Marie Confirmed Outbreak

April 19, 2022 – St. Marguerite Manor Outbreak Over

April 8, 2022 – Resident, Family & Staff Update

March 21, 2022 – St. Marguerite Manor Confirmed Outbreak

March 17, 2022 – Dulcina Hospice Confirmed Outbreak

March 15, 2022 – Villa Marie Confirmed Outbreak

March 11, 2022 – St. Teresa Place Outbreak Over

March 4, 2022 – Saint Thomas Outbreak Over

February 11, 2022 – Dulcina Hospice Outbreak Over

February 10, 2022 – All Resident, Staff and Family Update

February 9, 2022 – Villa Marie Outbreak Over

February 8, 2022 – St. Marguerite Manor Outbreak OverCC ST Outbreak All Clear (Mar 4 2022)

February 4, 2022 – Holy Cross Manor Outbreak Over

January 27, 2022 – Chateau Vitaline Outbreak Over

January 27, 2022 – Foyer Lacombe Confirmed Outbreak

January 21, 2022 – All Staff, Resident and Family Update

January 12, 2022 – Holy Cross Manor Confirmed Outbreak

January 11, 2022 – Saint Thomas Confirmed Outbreak Update

January 11, 2022 – Dulcina Hospice Confirmed Outbreak

January 10, 2022 – Villa Marie Family Update

January 5, 2022 – St. Marguerite Manor Confirmed Outbreak

January 3, 2022 – St. Teresa Place Confirmed Outbreak Update

January 2, 2022 – Villa Marie Confirmed Outbreak

January 2, 2022 – Saint Thomas Confirmed Outbreak

January 1, 2022 – St. Teresa Place Confirmed Outbreak

January 1, 2022 – Chateau Vitaline Confirmed Outbreak






Where do I get information on COVID-19?
For up to date information on the Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) you can use the following links: The Government of Alberta or Alberta Health Services

Can I visit my Loved One?

We are adhering to all orders issued by the Chief Medical Officer of Health, including those related to visitation. Residents continue to be among the most vulnerable to severe effects from COVID-19. An increase in visitors to our centres also increases the risk of transmission. Visitors can enter continuing care and supportive living centres in limited instances only. There are several aspects of visitation outlined in the orders:

Designated essential visitor

  • Residents, their guardian, or alternate decision maker must identify a designated essential visitor who, when required, can assist in the quality of life or care needs of a resident when those needs cannot be met by staff
    • The designated essential visitor is a single adult individual who can be a family member, friend, or companion
    • The site contact will ensure the designated essential visitor meets the requirements
    • If the designated essential visitor is unable to perform their role for a period of time, the resident may identify a temporary designated essential visitor
    • Designated essential visitors are not meant to change frequently

Virtual visits

  • We encourage virtual visits for the health and wellbeing of residents and families; it is so important for residents and families to connect to hear each other’s voices, talk about the news of the day, and share stories
  • We have purchased iPads to assist with virtual visits
  • Please contact the site with questions about setting up virtual visits
  • Instructions for Virtual Visits

Outdoor visitation

  • Residents can enjoy outdoor visits with up to two other individuals, one of whom must be the designated essential visitor.
  • There are several stipulations for outdoor visits that must be followed:
    • Visits must be requested by the designated essential visitor or the resident
    • Visits must be pre-arranged and scheduled with the sites
    • Visits can have a maximum of three people—the resident, the designated essential visitor, and one other
    • Outdoor visits must practice social distancing; everyone must be a minimum of six feet away from one another
    • Everyone involved with outdoor visits will be screened and must wear masks continuously
    • Visitors are responsible for bringing their own masks; masks must fit well and cover the nose and mouth
    • Visitors must remain outside and cannot enter the building
    • Visits are dependent on staff availability
    • If the outdoor space can only be accessed from within the building visitors will need to undergo complete screening and instruction on proper use of personal protective equipment
    • A resident who is in isolation cannot participate in outdoor visits
  • Outdoor visitation will not be permitted if the centre is experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak

 We must maintain all precautions and be thoughtful about how best to facilitate the outdoor visitations that minimizes risk to both residents and staff. Considerations include extra required staffing, scheduling, physical distancing, and ease of access to green space.

It is important for families to assess the benefit of the outdoor visits for your loved one and for yourselves in terms of physical health, safety, and emotional wellbeing.

Can I take my loved one home?

If you are considering taking your loved one home, please contact your Site Administrator to talk through options. There are several considerations for you to think through so that you can make an informed decision.

How do you make sure employees are healthy when they come to work?
All Covenant Care staff are screened when they report to work: they complete the Alberta Health Services questionnaire and have their temperature taken. Any employee who has any symptoms associated with COVID-19 refrains from coming to work, is swabbed for COVID-19, and self-isolates for 14 days.

What other measures is Covenant Care taking to protect residents and staff?

We are adhering to all protocols and directives issued by the Chief Medical Officer of Health to protect residents and staff. This includes:

  • Increasing sanitization and disinfecting throughout the centres
  • Screening staff when they arrive for work
  • Monitoring residents very closely for any symptoms
  • Coordinating recreation and other activities to practice physical distancing
  • Continuously masking while on site
  • Isolating residents who are symptomatic until tests are received

Our leadership team meets daily to discuss new protocols and talk through concerns. We are in constant communication with the provincial government and Alberta Health Services to ensure we are aware of the most up-to-date information, evidence, and public health recommendations.

Can I still volunteer?
Volunteer programs are temporarily suspended to limit the number of people in our centres. We miss the support of our volunteers and look forward to welcoming you back.

This FAQ will be updated continuously with the most current information and Covenant Care protocols as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. Please refer back to this page frequently.

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